Reserve a domain name before someone else win against you!

Reserve a domain name before someone else win against you!

Internet is so powerful that it gives everyone an opportunity to share their knowledge and presence with rest of the world. A great such way to make yourself noted is to setup a website.

When it comes to making a website, there are so many online resources like Word Press or Blogger that can help you in that. Yet, they only come up with commercial domains which doesn’t make sense. Truth is you should have a personal place on the web world where you can have full control over things and that option could only own a website. For this, it requires your own domain name.

Consider these tips to secure a domain name faster than others.

Register as the owner of the domain name

Who is the owner of your website? Of course, it’s you. But did you register it yourself? It’s very much important to know that you are the administrative contact and the owner. The fact is whoever registers the domain name, comes under the business owner’s name. Your website is an asset. If you don’t own it, how can you sell it?

Make sure to renew your domain name

It is suggested to buy a domain name registration for five or 10 years upfront, or putting an auto-renew payment on annual basis. It happens every day that people forget and missed the renewal of their company’s domain names. So prevent this to happen. As this would ultimately hurt your website’s image and weaken your business.

Include a location or keywords in domain name

Find the most important keyword for your domain name. The keyword may be related to type of business you do. If your business mainly focuses its services on particular geographic region, then include location into name of your domain.

Things Not to Do

Avoid use of dashes, abbreviations, and numbers in your domain name. Hyphenated names are not the best choice. Instead, pick a catchy name that is more likely to gain people’s attention and easy to remember.

People are really after .com extensions. It’s true they are worth it. But before you register domain name like .net or .co, be sure is it really needed. Do you really want to pay for those? In case you’re protecting the trademark, investing on other extensions is understandable.


Be creative and search for domain name ideas. Confirm the domain name that is available and register it on several different top-level domains (TLD).

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